The Spirit and the Bride Say Come



Introducing our captivating digital download photograph: “The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” Capture the profound significance of Jerusalem’s Eastern Gate with this exquisite black and white wall art photograph. Taken by Melanie Stone from the majestic Mount of Olives, this stunning 11×14 inch print transports you to a place where history and the future converge.

Our photograph immortalizes the iconic Eastern Gate, the very place where Jesus will enter the temple once again. Its strong architectural details and holy presence are strikingly rendered in black and white, creating a powerful visual narrative that speaks to the hopeful heart.

As you gaze upon this visual, you’ll feel the ancient stones of the temple beneath your feet and sense the weight of centuries of history. The rich textures and stark contrast of the black and white tones add depth and intensity to the scene, making it a perfect addition to any wall in your home.

Whether you have a personal connection to Israel or are simply drawn to the prophetic resonance of Jerusalem, “The Spirit and the Bride Say Come” is a meaningful piece of photography that will inspire reflection and conversation.

Bring a piece of history and anticipation into your life with this digital download photograph, and let the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem adorn your wall as a reminder of our Lord’s Triumphal Entry and His Second Coming through the East Gate. Download and print this 11×14 inch artwork today to make it a cherished part of your home decor. You can also print this image in smaller sizes.

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